In Exile From the Mineral Kingdom - Ida Ekblad 2009

Alain Resnais' "Providence" (1977)
More Dirk Bogarde. Whole film on Veoh.

Joseph Losey's "The Servant" (1963)
The entirety of this old favourite is on Youtube.

Slavoj Žižek - Maybe We Just Need a Different Chicken ...

Miami Vice Season 2, last episode with Godley and Creme's "Cry".

Robert Wyatt "Catholic Architecture", French Television, 1990's.

Bridget St. John "Want To Be With You" on
The Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC, 1974.

Kevin Ayers & The Whole World (Mike Oldfield, Lol Coxhill,
David Bedford, etc) on The Old Grey Whistle Test, 1972.

Hallie Gerber dancing to Brian Eno's "Babys on Fire".
Shot at MIT Experimental Color Studio, 1976.