Psychic TV - Spanish TV Live Part 1 (1984)
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Psychic TV - Unclean (Short Version)
film by Derek Jarman.

Psychic TV - Force the Hand of Chance - Message (1982)
Derek Jarman (film), Alan Oversby aka Mr Sebastian (voice).
Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth's Grey Book.

Krsna Prema - Un Altro Universo

Nervous Gender - Live 1983

Palais Schaumburg - Wir bauen ein neue stadt

Iron Curtain - One December Day '83

Chris and Cosey - Alchemy

Chris and Cosey - October Love Song

The Weather Underground

Part one of nine.

Fuses 3-Carolee Schneemann (?)

Meat Joy-Carolee Schneemann (1964)

The Onion-Marina Abramovic (1995)

Two Track- Vito Acconci (?)

Open Book (Excert)- Vito Acconci (?)

Mouth Piece-Gary Hill (1978)

Adam Curtis


Speaking For Trees