Hermeto Pascoal e Grupo - Música da Lagoa.
(Thanks Michelle).

Die Doraus und Die Marinas - Fred Vom Jupiter

Durutti Column "Never Known" (1981).

Michael Moschen & Animal Charm.

A woman under the influence - Cassevetes (full film on youtube)

Sunday evening broadcast in the UK, Robot Dancing
Competition 1983. At the height of robot-dancing's popularity

Ishu Patel's "The Bead Game" (1977).


Some Ron Hays "Scanimate" productions.
"Delta 1" (top), "Digit" (bottom).

Some Stan VanDerBeek.

Kinski Paganini

Vilse i pannkakan

In the shadow of the sun.

Does anybody Know where the full length version of this can be found?