Daughters Of Darkness (1971)

NIGHT OF THE HUNTER - Charles Laughton (FULL FILM 10 parts)

PARIS IS BURNING- Jennie livingston (FULL FILM ON youtube 11 parts)

Popol Vuh - Kyrie 1973

Popol Vuh - Improvisation 1971

DAF - Liebe Auf Den Ersten Blick

Malice in Wonderland.

Sesame Street clips.

A documentary portrait of an alternative educational and spiritual community.

Drop City

Space- Magic Fly

Quarteto Em Cy

Gilberto, Jobim, Bonfa in Copacabana Palace 1962

I feel love - donna summer

Dark Day - Hands in the Dark

Bird with the cystal plumage - Dario Argento

Werner Herzog - God's Angry Man

THE COLOR OF POMOGRANATES (SAYAT NOVA) - Sergei Parajanov (make sure you turn the sound off for the first one)

Trolls can sing


La Ragazza dal pigiama giallo (1977) directed by Flavio Mogherini (The Pyjama Girl Case)

La Cicatrice Intérieure (The Inner Scar). By Philippe Garrel (1972 Trailer)

Excerpt from Ant Farm's classic video art piece examining and satirizing
the media, particularly the impact of television (1975) Parts 1 & 2

+Mind Control+

Chanel no. 5 1979 commercial - share the fantasy

Jean-Claude Vannier and his crew working on a fashion show for Yves Saint-Laurent (1971)

Victor Kiswell is honored to share this cosmic / erotic vision of the french
60's pop culture. Brigitte Bardot in a Paco Rabanne dress, singing "Contact"
surrounded by cinetic sculptures by Nicolas Schöffer.

Metropolis de Fritz Lang

"It's called 'getting down' "

Lucifer Rising- directed in 1973 by Kenneth Anger (Part 2 of 3)

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