Marcel Broodthaers - Le Corbeau et le Renard (1967)
16mm, silent; 7'21"

"The Ancient Set" by Steve Claydon. Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, London (September 2008).

Marcel Broodthaers - Un Voyage en Mer du Nord (A Voyage on the North Sea) [1973-74]

Rare promo video from 1982 : Romanelli CONNECTING FLIGHT

Wake Up - Stop
luv how the dog gets into it at the end.

Windows 386

Videocracy from Alden Volney on Vimeo.

Alden Volney

Chuck mangione - feel so good

Al Jourgensen on the Phil Donahue Show

Herb Alpert - Rotation 1979

Olivia Newton John performs "Love Song" as the
amazing opening scene to her ABC TV Show
"A Special Olivia Newton John" in 1976.

Thomas Dolby "Airwaves"


Hall & Oates "She's Gone" (1976)

Junior - "Too Late"

Junior - Mama Used To Say

Dee D. Jackson - Automatic Lover 1978

Geneva Jacuzzi - Love Caboose

Purple Brain

Nik Tyndall: Strassen Der Nacht (1982 Reflexionen New Age Progressive Electronic)

DISCO KID - 東海林 修( HKYSB Japan Tour 1986 )

Albatros Volo AZ 504. Toto Cutugno a Sanremo 1976

Aaron Bloomfield - I'm gonna miss ya

Zenamon - Oh Nandu, What We've Done!

Wally Badarou performs a piece from his score for the film "Kiss Of The
Spiderwoman" (1985) on Solid Soul.

Sorcerer Raydio Mixx

Original Audiovisual Synthesizer 1981-1982

Written on a TRS-80 Color Computer in the early 1980's by VIR-AND.

victim of the brain

Vijay Benedict - O Berahem (Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki 1984)

Lennart Hellsings ABC

Michel Polnareff - Holidays

Had to put my eye balls back in their sockets after this. Amazing!
Couldn't wait to share it. Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets Live at Pompeii

Carly Simon perfroms "You Belong To Me" live.
Written by Carly Simon & Michael McDonald.

Michael McDonald "I Keep Forgettin"

Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel perform Roy Harper's "Another Day" 
live on Kate Bush's Christmas Special, 1979.

Roy Harper performs "Another Day" on Rockpalast, 
WDR Studio L, Koln, Germany, 1978.

Derek Jarman - In The Shadow of The Sun (1980) 
Full Version from Ubuweb.

Video Magic: Eberhard Schoener & The Police

Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.

Steven Halpern "Greensleeves" video.

Steven Halpern music piece with Michael Garrison 'Higher Ground' to end.

Franco Battiato 1972 ENERGIE (RARO)

Albert Lamorisse - "Le Vent des Amooureux" (The Lovers' Wind)
From the maker of "The Red Balloon". A helicopter crash took
Lamorisse's life while filming this beautiful piece in Iran in 1970.
His son and widow completed it posthumously in 1978.

In Exile From the Mineral Kingdom - Ida Ekblad 2009

Alain Resnais' "Providence" (1977)
More Dirk Bogarde. Whole film on Veoh.

Joseph Losey's "The Servant" (1963)
The entirety of this old favourite is on Youtube.

Slavoj Žižek - Maybe We Just Need a Different Chicken ...

Miami Vice Season 2, last episode with Godley and Creme's "Cry".

Robert Wyatt "Catholic Architecture", French Television, 1990's.

Bridget St. John "Want To Be With You" on
The Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC, 1974.

Kevin Ayers & The Whole World (Mike Oldfield, Lol Coxhill,
David Bedford, etc) on The Old Grey Whistle Test, 1972.

Hallie Gerber dancing to Brian Eno's "Babys on Fire".
Shot at MIT Experimental Color Studio, 1976.


Music Animation Machine

HENRY COW - Living In The Heart of The Beast (part 1)

HENRY COW - Living In The Heart of The Beast (part 2)

HENRY COW - Living In The Heart of The Beast (part 3)


From the 40th Anniversary Box Set - available here.

Messiaen on Birds 1.
Olivier Messiaen & Yvonne Loriod (piano).

Messiaen on Birds 2.
Olivier Messiaen and the Song Thrush.

Tragic Error - Tanzen (1989, Belgium)

Spike Milligan's Revolving Furniture.

off - on

La Ricotta


Carmen D'Avino

Miltos Manetas & David Barbarino
“The Artist in his Studio” (2009) is a video documentation and commentary
on Alexander Lieberman’s book of the same title. Pt. 1 of 3.

Putney Swope

Putney Swope

FAN-A-WAY Commercial from Putney Swope


Archangel Gabriel : by Jiri Trnka

Agnès Varda- Réponse de femmes


Doctor Who - Original Theme Music 1963

French Commercial. Jean Paul Goude for Citroen CX, starring Grace Jones (1988)

Cabaret Voltaire - Runaway (1990)

Mummenschanz, 1976

Discussion between Pierre Tchernia (host), René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo,
who are the creators of Asterix, and Hergé, the author of the adventures of
Tintin, 1969. English subtitles included.

Hergé television interview in 1960 (1/2) - with English subtitles.

Rossif document of Vangelis from 1980.

Going to the Dogs, a play by Wim T. Schippers

Willem De Ridder films by by Sükran Aziz




Alisdair Gray

Satie's "Trois Gymnopedies", performed by Gary Numan
with Carol Caplin, Barbie Wilde & Lowri Ann Richards
of Shock/Tick&Tock at Wembley, 1981.

Take 1 hour, 36 minutes and 50 seconds of your time
to enjoy Roy Arden's wonderful movie, "The World as Will
and Representation - Archive 2007"
, named after another
wonderful work - that of Schopenhauer.

House of the Future

Luce e Colori (Light and Color)

Orson Welle's "F For Fake", 1974.

A great scene from Jules Feiffer's "Little Murders", 1971.
Directed by Alan Arkin.

Whole film viewable, starting here.

Yow! More language videos continued ...
Smiley Culture - Saxon Posse - "Cockney Translation" video, 1984.

Kobaïan child.

Who Would You Rather Be?

Introduction to David Byrne's "True Stories".

David Byrne interviewed on Saturday Live about "True Stories".

"Hey Now", performed by Talking Heads and the St. Thomas Aquinas
Elementary School Chorus, from David Byrne's "True Stories" film, 1986.
Also a Spalding Grey moment.

Farrell Dyde/Sarah Irwin/Jon Hassel - "Johannesburg", Dance Theatre Workshop, New York (1981).

Video Feedback Experiment #1, 1988.

Video feedback Experiment #2, 1988.

Paul Horn & Stephen Halpern - "Connections", featured on the "Art of Landscape"
channel in the UK, late 1980's.

Peter Greenaway - The Pillow Book (parts 1- 14)

Some of my favourite things...
♫ Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1 with ducks.
Thanks Hanne.

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