Alisdair Gray

Satie's "Trois Gymnopedies", performed by Gary Numan
with Carol Caplin, Barbie Wilde & Lowri Ann Richards
of Shock/Tick&Tock at Wembley, 1981.

Take 1 hour, 36 minutes and 50 seconds of your time
to enjoy Roy Arden's wonderful movie, "The World as Will
and Representation - Archive 2007"
, named after another
wonderful work - that of Schopenhauer.

House of the Future

Luce e Colori (Light and Color)

Orson Welle's "F For Fake", 1974.

A great scene from Jules Feiffer's "Little Murders", 1971.
Directed by Alan Arkin.

Whole film viewable, starting here.

Yow! More language videos continued ...
Smiley Culture - Saxon Posse - "Cockney Translation" video, 1984.

Kobaïan child.

Who Would You Rather Be?

Introduction to David Byrne's "True Stories".

David Byrne interviewed on Saturday Live about "True Stories".

"Hey Now", performed by Talking Heads and the St. Thomas Aquinas
Elementary School Chorus, from David Byrne's "True Stories" film, 1986.
Also a Spalding Grey moment.

Farrell Dyde/Sarah Irwin/Jon Hassel - "Johannesburg", Dance Theatre Workshop, New York (1981).

Video Feedback Experiment #1, 1988.

Video feedback Experiment #2, 1988.

Paul Horn & Stephen Halpern - "Connections", featured on the "Art of Landscape"
channel in the UK, late 1980's.

Peter Greenaway - The Pillow Book (parts 1- 14)

Some of my favourite things...
♫ Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No.1 with ducks.
Thanks Hanne.