Jon & Vangelis - "I Hear You Now" video

Jon & vangelis- "Friends of Mr.Cairo" video

1982 Michel Huygen/Carlos Guirao/Vangelis Improvisational pieces in Nemo Studios, 1982

"Island" - Fyodor Khitruk (1973)

Raoul Servais - To Speak Or Not To Speak (1970)
An old late-nite SBS favourite.

"Fetishistic Scopofilia" by Alicia Nogueira 1985.

Larry Cuba's Calculated Movements (clip from documentary, 1985).

Some Robert Abel and Associates projects (TRON, etc).

Abel Image Research documentary about "Cans" commercial (1984)

Renown Clothing commercial (1978), Japan. By Robert Abel and Associates.

TRW "Exchanging Ideas" (1984) by Robert Abel and Associates.

Jovan "Man and Woman" (1978) by Robert Abel and Associates.

7up "Sun Beats Down" (1982) by Robert Abel and Associates.

Panasonic "Glider" (1981) by Robert Abel and Associates.

Levi's "Trademark" (1977) by Robert Abel and Associates.

(Preview of) "Paradise Now: The Living Theatre", a compendium
of rarely seen footage of the influential and oldest experimental
theatre group still existing in the U.S. Formed in 1947 in New
York City by Julian Beck and Judith Malina. The Living Theatre
was dedicated to transforming the organisation of power within
society from a competitive, hierarchical structure to cooperative
and communal expression.

A short preview of "The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda,"
Ira Cohen's landmark 1968 film.

Selection of "Le Songe des chevaux sauvages, by Denys
Colomb Daunant." 1960 ---- Soundtrack, "Redhead Tells The Sun," by Knox Bronson

Drinking Out Of Cups

Antony Gormley filmed on 'State Of The Art' a series of visual arts
documentaries studying the times and ideas of post-modernism (1986)

The Eames Lounge Chair assembly on NBC (1956)

'Powers Of Ten' by Charles and Ray Eames

Aphrodites Child-Rain And Tears

Free To Be... You And Me-I'd Rather Be The Sun (1974)

Pro Hart making a mess

Wicker Man

Dutch hit of 1983.
Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond

British Architectural historian/critic/writer of "The Architecture of
Well-Tempered Environment" and "The New Brutalism" Reyner Banham's
1972 BBC documentary, "Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles".
'I learned to drive to read Los Angeles in the original' - Banham.