Anima-Sound : Mit 20 km/h durch Europa.
Enjoy this 7 minute outtake (english subtitles soon) :
Filmed by the German television in 1971, this documentary accompanies the artists
Paul and Limpe Fuchs and their two children on a three month tour through Europe.
With an old tractor hauling a self constructed trailer that can be converted into
a stage, they performed their self build instruments, percussion and electronic
devices wherever they were : in Munich's pedestrian zone, in front of a miners
audience in the Ruhr District or in the countryside under the stars. This film
is a rare and haunting document of some of Krautrocks outstanding pioneers.

Claudia Skoda's Fashion show 'BIG BIRDS' shown on
German television in 1979

John Whitney-"Catalog" 1961
Shot on a camera built from old army machinery

Raeume- Short documentary about a Conrad Schnitzler
sound installation - early 1970s

Take Me to Your Garden-Video compilation by Berlin
based group 'Carrie'

Korla Pandit-1950's

Bike Dancing from Quicksilver-alright!